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The Four C's of Men's Blue Jeans


Imagine walking down the street in a pair of bell-bottoms in the 70’s. Every step taken comes with a trip or a snag on those voluminous flares. Running errands, sight-seeing, or walking the dog all made exponentially more difficult because of a choice in pants. By contrast, now picture skate boarding in men's blue skinny jeans in the 80’s. Regardless of a slim or skinny cut, you can do anything you need to do without having to worry about the hem of your pants getting in the way.


In the 90’s the order of the day was baggy jeans. Hailing in the era of legendary Hip Hop artists, jeans took a decidedly more street savy approach. Denim also didn’t really have to be expensive to look great. Fast forward to today, and most companies are still charging an arm and a leg for a proper fitting pair.

While we know the perception of the label is baked into most of the pricing, we spent countless hours trying to source the finest product while keeping the cost savvy man in mind. Our men's blue skinny jeans made out of premium stretch fabric and constructed with only the highest quality materials. We want jeans that are sewn using an uncompromising sense of design to ensure your pants are going to last. We also want a pair of pants that are ethically produced, making it easy to feel good about the way they're made.


As we mentioned earlier, the cost is a huge consideration when purchasing denim. Certainly there is a different brand out there for every kind of consumer but we still believe it's possible to get a pair of well constructed, wearable, everyday jeans for half the cost of those designer brands.


Last but not least, we need to talk about the comfort factor. Whether we are talking bell-bottoms flares at a festival, skinny jeans performing ollies and kickflips or baggy jeans at a house party- style and comfort should never have to be sacrificed?

And for those of you who still haven’t had your first pair of ultra-comfortable skinny jeans, the perfect jean has premium stretch fabric made with 2% spandex and 2.5% rayon for that extra bit of comfort and movement, and the denim goes through specialized washing. This makes them super soft and so comfortable that it feels (almost) like wearing no pants at all.

Whether you're on a mission to find reasonably priced jeans, denim with some stretch, or just a solid pair of pants capable of withstanding whatever life may throw your way, look no further than The Perfect Jean. The Perfect Jean encompasses comfort, low-cost, quality construction, and convenience all for a reasonable price. Get yourself a pair of The Perfect Jeans today.