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TPJ Clothing


Here at The Perfect Jean, or TPJ as we fondly call ourselves, we make clothing.  TPJ and Clothing = TPJ Clothing.  That's sorta how we think of our imaginary parent company.  

What are our core principals at TPJ Clothing you may ask?

First and foremost - we make clothes that WE wear everyday.  We figure is we wear TPJ Clothing ... other men will also wear them (I'm in TPJ Hoodie, TPJ Jeans, and a TPJ Tee as I write this!). 

Second - we strongly prefer comfortable clothing for everyday menswear.  That means super soft fabrics that move with you (stretch is good!).  Stiff denim begone!  Cheap tees no more! 

Third - Apparel should be durable and last for a long time.  They should retain their fit and comfort for a reasonable amount of time (ie, TPJ Clothing doesn't go scratchy, dull, and cardboardy after a few washes).

Fourth - we try to be as sustainable as possible.  That means durable clothing that can last for years with normal use, as well as organic fabrics where possible (we're transitioning more and more) and recycled poly blends where appropriate.  

Last and most important - HAVE A GOOD TIME!  TPJ Clothing should be fun for us to make and market, and even more fun to wear and brag about to friends.  

That's really all we got.  Checkout our jeans or just browse our hysterical perfect jean homepage.  Email any thoughts and suggestions to!