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the perfect jean one legged squat

Our Mission

We are a conglomerate of mostly imperfect men (and a couple of extra perfect ladies) who set out on a mission.

A mission to find a reasonably-priced stretch jean that we could comfortably wear all-day every f#!king day - whether working at the office, lounging on the couch, watching tv, busting olleys in a skate park, salsa dancing, squatting at the gym, squatting on the toilet, doing yoga poses, dunking a basketball like Bron Bron, sprinting full speed to the bar to grab a beer then getting too wasted and balling out Coyote Ugly style, etc.

We successfully accomplished this mission.

Therefore, we named our company “The Perfect Jean.”

That said, we understand that our jean might not be 100% perfect for all shapes and sizes. We therefore remain very open to feedback, so please contact our jeanius desk at for input, advice, or just to submit funny shit to post on our instagram. And, oh yea, and if it wasn’t obvious already, we absolutely detest khakis.


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