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5 Reasons Why Your Man Needs The Perfect Jean

The jean that stretch so his nuts ain’t crushed.


They’re Stretchy
(Flexibility he'll love!)

2% spandex and 2.5% rayon for the extra comfort and movement that your man requires. #NoMoreStiffJeans


They Fit Perfectly
(Finally, jeans that will make him look like a model)

We don't care who he is or what he looks like, these jeans were designed to fit him just right. Thicc, thin, and everything in between. Available in 6 fits and 13 washes! If we had a dollar for every time someone told us they're replacing their man's jeans with The Perfect Jean...


They're Durable
(True Fact: These jeans can handle his rough & tumble)

Constructed utilizing the highest quality materials & sewing techniques to provide him with a product that is built to last.


They're Soft
(He might even give his sweatpants a break!)

Specialized washing so his jeans literally feel as soft as a baby's bottom. He may forget he's wearing pants.


Shipping is Free. Returns are Free. Exchanges are Free

AKA: If he doesn't love them, return or exchange without a fuss. One guy (who can't count) said our Customer Service was a perfect 5 out of 7(???)

✔️ Quick response times

✔️ Strong GIF game

✔️ Easy returns & exchanges

The Jean to Rule Them All

Jeans for the perfect and imperfect man.

$79.99 $67.99

When you use code UNCRUSH15

Available in Skinny, Slim, Slim Thick, Athletic, Bootcut and Thick Thicc

Hear What Our Uncrushed Customers Have To Say About Us

Blanco Bueno!

my fav purchase so far-already have the black. Ouss!!!

- Robert H.
FINALLY great fitting looking jeans!

My new skinny jeans have saved me from being seen in stretched out nasty ill fitting jeans forever! I'm hooked and now feel more confident in dating, hanging out and looking good all the time!

BIG time thank you!

- Kevin E.
They really are the perfect jean

These are perfect. I exclusively wear these when bouldering because they stretch so well and don't inhibit my movement. Material is also durable and stands up to getting scraped about.

- Timothy H.
Nuts UnCrushed

Fit like a soft glove and just the right hug of the nuts. Easy to move in too.

- Derek F.
Crazy flexible. Crazy comfortable.

These jeans move with me, not against me. They're comfortable in any position. I went down a waist size (to W30) and got the perfect fit for me, right on my hip bones. I'd wear these every day if I could. One pair is not enough.

- Keith D.
Dope AF

Jeans are beyond comfortable and the color pattern is fire!

- Sherwin A.
The perfect Jean

I actually wasn’t skeptical at all. I saw the videos on Facebook, and I saw the comments, and I just knew... I bet these jeans are the sh**. Comfy? Check. Perfect fit? Check. Quality materials? Check. Wrangler’s slogan is Real. Comfortable. Jeans. But these.... they are Real. Perfect. Jeans.

- Ben Q.
These jeans are truly perfect.

They are super comfortable stretching everywhere especially in the waist for the fluctuations in waist size that sometimes happens.

- Stephen G.