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Mystery Color Organic V Neck T-Shirt

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First, the Perfect Jean. Now, the Perfect Tee. We took the same superior standard of stretch, hand-feel, and comfort you love and made the perfect f#!king t-shirt. The cotton... ORGANIC. The weight... 180 GSM (high quality). The stretch... 5% spandex baby. Time to dress PERFECT from head to... ankle. We ain't on that shoe game yet :)

This v neck t-shirt is a mystery color! Colors may vary by size and based on when you order.

And yes, the hem is just slightly curved for that little bit of fashun.

180 GSM, 95% ORGANIC Cotton, 5% Spandex, this crew neck tee gets the job done.

Discounted price is when compared to buying an individual shirt you know the color of at full price.


• Slim-ish fit
• Regular fit through chest & waist
• 42" chest circumference (measurement provided for Men's Size Medium)
• Slight curved bottom hem


Not liking your clothes sucks. So returns and exchanges are EASY and FREE within 30 days of delivery.  If your shirt doesn't fit, looks funny, or otherwise sucks -- return or exchange it (we'd prefer an exchange).

Read more at our returns, refund & exchanges policy (the legalese). 


• Our tee fabric is super soft and stretches for maximum comfort.
• Weights: ~170gsm
• Fabric: 95% Organic Cotton; 5% Spandex

• For Perfect Men: Wash inside out in cold water. Hang to air-dry. Avoid the dryer for longer life.
• For Imperfect Men: Throw them suckers in the laundry like the rest of your clothes (best to dry on LOW heat)


Our internal team organizes third party audits and inspections on all our supply chain partners. We believe that worker rights and human rights are critical to support throughout our supply chain. We ensure that all factories are ILO (International Labor Organization) certified, SEDEX audited / compliant and when we use organic fabrics, it's GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified as well.


The Tee, Perfected

Upgrade your daily style and comfort with The Perfect Tee! It’s got flawless pec poppin, bicep flexin fit that’s super soft and stylish. We made it with premium organic cotton with a dot of stretch so it’s durable in the wash, but also feels like a hug from your crush.

Fit: Slim-ish

True to size.

We fit just so to make you look better

Stretchiness: Just Enough

A bit of stretch where it helps.

Hide that belly. Pop them pecs.

Fabric: Soft

95% Organic Cotton; 5% Spandex

Feels AMAZING. Ready for Compliments?


What makes these the perfect tee?

What makes our tees the cream of the crop? Picture this: you're wearing a shirt that's as comfortable as being wrapped in a cloud, yet as durable as your grandmother's cast iron skillet. Our premium fabric makes this shirt softer than a puppy's belly, all thanks to the use of high quality, organic cotton and 5% spandex. And it's not just a one-trick pony. You can wear it from the gym to the bar, or from your WFH station to your comfy couch for a Netflix marathon. Our form-fitting tees will make your arms and shoulders look so buff, you'll have people asking if you've secretly been moonlighting as a personal trainer. And our t-shirts won’t disintegrate into oblivion after a few washes. Plus, this tee won’t shrink, the collar won’t stretch out. Oh, and did we mention it's a perfect layering piece for any season? And that curved hem? It’s just the cherry on top.

Do you offer a bulk discount?

Yes! When you buy 3+ you get 33% off each tee. Go ahead, mix and match. Your discount will be applied in cart.

How should a perfect tee fit?

Our tees have a slim-ish fit which accentuates all of the right areas (your arms and chest) while leaving room around the waist for a perfect, flattering fit. Being made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex means the shirt will stretch and move with you while retaining its shape.

What should I avoid when buying a tee?

Watch out for tees that are made with a cotton + polyester blend. They’re less soft, less breathable and less absorbent than our pure organic cotton and spandex blend. You’ll also want to look for a no-itch label, a collar which won’t lose shape and a perfect fit which accentuates all of the right areas. The perfect tee is hard to find, which is why we made one :)

What should I wear the perfect tee with?

If the Perfect Tee had a dating profile, its perfect match would be our OG stretch jeans - they're smart, stylish, and they hug all the right places. Or perhaps it would swipe right on our Denkhakis - a little bit rebellious, a lot comfortable, and look just as good in a meeting as they do at the bar. So don't let your tee go lonely - set it up with its perfect partner.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Not liking your clothes sucks. So returns and exchanges are EASY and FREE within 30 days of delivery.  If your shirt doesn't fit, looks funny, or otherwise sucks -- return or exchange it (we'd prefer an exchange).

Read more at our returns, refund & exchanges policy (the legalese).

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping? Oh, you betcha! Because the only thing you should be worrying about is how many heads you'll turn in our tees, not about pesky shipping costs. Now go on, add to cart - the only thing dropping will be jaws, not coins!

Do you offer big and tall sizes?

Oh, absolutely! If your T-shirt game has been feeling a bit like squeezing into a kiddie pool, we're here to splash some joy into your wardrobe. From small to 5XL, we've got a size for every man body out there. Whether you're built like a superhero or the mighty oak trees, we've got the shirt to drape your frame in style.

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