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Denim Care and Repair: Advice & Helpful Tips

Denim Care and Repair: Advice & Helpful Tips

Let's face it: everyone at least one pair of “Goldilocks” jeans – you know the ones. That favorite pair that fit just right; a tried-and-true, battle-tested pair that’s worn in all the right places. The ones that still look good and feel good, having survived hundreds of road trips, and trips through the washing machine. (The Perfect pair, you might say?)

So what’s a guy to do when, on that 368th wash, the Perfect pair starts to look a little less… perfect?

Given that we’re all a bunch of Mother lovers around here, our answer is simple: make it stretch. No, we’re not talking about our stretchy denim (though that certainly helps). We’re talking about longevity; the death of disposable; breathing new life into that ol’ trusty pair. Sure, they’ve taken on their fair share of wear and tear (and don’t look now, we can see your underwear). But what if we could make them s t r e t c h just a bit further and go that extra mile?

If you’ve been fortunate enough to pick up the Perfect pair that just won’t quit, no matter what you throw at them – nice! Give yourself a pat on the back. But also, scram, because head’s up – this post is not for you. This post is for all the suckers afraid of change, trying to keep that favorite pair in tip-top shape and making sure they stay in the rotation for as long as possible. While also caring about Mother Earth! And conservation! And so on and so forth.

If that’s you, then buckle up and read on to learn how to master the art of jeans care and repair. (Pro tip: it's easier than you think!)

The Issue: Denim Care

Jeans are the trusty staple in any man’s wardrobe, and for good reason: denim was made to last – and outlast – the competition. Denim jeans are usually made with sturdy construction that makes them a bit more durable than most other fabrics. However, depending on the materials used, and the dyes or treatments applied, jeans come with their own set of challenges when it comes to fading, wear and tear. You know that one pair that’s more holes than fabric, slashed to shreds (so metal) and makes you look and feel like a rock God the moment you put them on? Given that we’re the superior species and all, we decided it was a good idea to add wear and tear to our jeans on purpose. Because, reasons. And fashun.

Assuming for a second we’re not talking about that pair, here’s several good tips on how to preserve your denim with a bit more decorum: 


  • Chill with the Washings: The golden rule of denim care? Wash them as infrequently as possible. Every wash fades that gorgeous color and breaks down the fibers in the fabric – especially with stretch jeans, which tend to lose elasticity and that snappy comeback. You don’t want those stretchy jeans looking all saggy and sad, do you? Embrace the lived-in look.
  • Spot Treatment Pro: For small stains, go for the spot treatment with a soft toothbrush and mild soap. It's like precision surgery for your denim, minus the medical degree.
  • Freezer Fresh: Looking to get rid of some funk? Fabric refreshening sprays can work in a pinch, but the real trick is a freeze. Might sound crazy, but popping your jeans in the freezer overnight can kill bacteria and nix odors, all without the wear and tear of washing. Just be sure you seal them in a bag unless you want your denim smelling like last week's leftovers. And vice versa.
  • Turn Down the Heat: When you do finally cave and decide to wash them jeans, turn those babies inside out and stick to cold water. Hot water is denim's arch-nemesis – it’ll fade your color and stress out your stretch faster than you can say “where’s the setting”.
  • Go Gentle or Go Home: Choose the gentle cycle and a mild detergent if you want to pamper your pants. Your jeans don't need a rollercoaster ride through the wash – a gentle swim will do, thanks.
  • Give ‘em Some Air: Nice day outside? Even if it’s not, skip the dryer and let your jeans air dry instead – hang them up or lay them flat wherever there’s room. If it’s outside, pick a shady spot since denim can weaken and fade in direct sunlight.


What’s that saying that goes something like, “an ounce of prevention…”?


The Issue: Denim Repair


What’s that, you say? You’re arrived here in the here and now and that “ounce of prevention” we just talked about was not in the knowledge of your past self? Worry not, friends – it's time to get crafty with some DIY denim repair. Starting with:


Small Rips, Tears, or Fraying Edges:

  • Denim Darning: Did you let ‘er rip? Time to darn it. We’re not talking some granny-style darning, we’re talking statement threads – long, wide, eye-catching stitches that you weave into the damaged areas with a needle and thread. It's a bit like closing up a wound, AKA denim surgery; though be sure to ask a professional (AKA granny) if you need help threading the needle.
  • Sticker It Out: Small tear? For a fix that's as easy as peeling and sticking, grab some fabric stickers – or better yet, some super manly iron-on decals of your favorite band (just make sure they’re washable). Perfect for covering small tears or frays and adding a bit of personality to your pair.
  • Embrace that Edge: If fraying is getting out of control, why not rock the raw hemline – just grab a pair of scissors and trim off the stray bits, stopping at the edge of the fabric. A style statement that says, "I meant to do that."



  • Patch 'em with Panache: Got a hole? Slap a patch on it! Sure, you can borrow from some other experimental pair, but why not go bold – think vibrant fabrics, a cool print, or a shape. No sewing skills or grannies to teach you? No problem. Iron-on patches are pretty easy to use, and cheap too.
  • Fabric Glue for the Win: In a pinch, fabric glue can seal up those tears and rips – just pinch the fabric together, apply, and let dry. It's the denim equivalent of a band-aid, but like, a Batman one. Or MacGyver.


We're Too Far Gone, Fuck It:

  • Cut It Off: When the going gets tough, the tough get cutting – so show off those legs and transform those worn-out jeans into the Perfect pair of cutoffs. As if we don’t already sell the Perfect pair of jorts, but these you made, so they’re special-er.
  • Repurpose (Bonus: Green Thumb Edition): Hey all you Mother lovers – believe it or not, old jeans can find new purpose as hanging planters or quirky pots! This one takes a bit of sewing skill, so maybe ask a grown-up for help? Ya know, since you managed to shred these jeans beyond all recognition in the first place.


That Was Then, This Is Now


There you have it, denim enthusiasts – our guide to making your jeans last a lifetime, and then some. So, take care of those jeans, repair them with pride, and when they're ready for their final act, get creative – give ‘em another cycle or two, why don't ya?