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The 99% Cotton Denim Collection

The 99% Cotton Denim Collection

Meet Average Joe – just your average guy, rolling out of bed and starting his day with three things: good coffee, the ol’ mobile de(vice), and the unmatched stretchy powers of the Perfect pair of jeans. On a seemingly ordinary morning, as this Average Joe sips his artisan brew and scrolls through his feed, his eyes catch a glimmer of something extraordinary.

"The Perfect Jean – now with 99% Cotton”. What’s this? An all-new lineup from The Perfect Jean?

Suddenly, this day feels anything but average – there's a buzz in your veins and it isn’t just the caffeine. It's the thrill of discovery, the promise of a denim that could very well redefine comfort and style as we know it.

Slip into the shoes of this Average Joe and meet our newest creation:

The 99% Cotton Collection


Turning up the dial on comfort, durability, and that unbeatable fit, our new line of 99% Cotton jeans are crafted with super soft, premium denim with a bit more of that “traditional jeans” look and feel. That doesn’t mean stiff, or scratchy, so don’t get your nuts in a twist – that extra 1% is made up of the super pliable and stretchy stuff. After all, it wouldn’t be The Perfect Jean if it didn’t have at least an above-average amount of stretch – we’ve already got enough vices, don’t need another surrounding our balls, thankyouverymuch. (Unless you’re into that, in which case, you do you my dude.)

Since you already know we’re a bunch of Mother lovers over here, it should come as no big surprise that our latest collection of 99% cotton jeans are made as responsibly and sustainably as we can possibly muster. (Which isn’t as sustainable as one might think, but we digress.)

The real kicker? These 99% cotton jeans are also recyclable. Yes, you read that right – rejoice fellow Mother (Earth) lovers, cuz after that 1 gazillionth* wash (real number by the way), when your jeans are finally torn beyond what can be repaired, you can actually recycle these bad boys and feel good about the planet.

(Though by then, it’s probably the year 2424 and the planet you’re living on is Mars. So maybe it’s the thought that counts? Also we have questions.)


OG Denim vs. 99% Cotton


Whether you're a stovepipe Slim Fit fanatic, or an Athletic Fit aficionado, our 99% Cotton collection comes in all shapes and sizes. Special mention goes out to all you ranch hands – our Bootcut 99% Cotton jeans are the real deal, hustler.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on our 99% Cotton collection, made with our premium 99% cotton denim for a durable, comfortable pair of jeans with just the right amount of stretch. Whether you're a denim purist hankering for that traditional touch, a Mother lover looking for agility and style, or just an Average Joe enjoying the morning read, The Perfect 99% Cotton Jean was crafted with you in mind.



* (not a real number, duh)