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The New Workhorse in Men's Work Pants: Denkhakis

The New Workhorse in Men's Work Pants: Denkhakis

Ah, that eternal struggle with men's work pants. For ages, men have been told by corporate jockeys and company lackies that super soft, comfy, totally rad, wear-em-all-day stretchy jeans have no place in the professional workplace. You know the one: that place devoid of comfort, filled with stuffy shirts and nose-to-the-grindstone work expectations that are fostered with your balls held tightly in a vice grip. That Senior VP has got no time for your hopes and dreams of a fun, carefree environment (for your nuts). Can't have our worker bees slacking and falling asleep on the job, no sir.

You can see where we're coming from when we say: F#@k your khakis.

And so it was, until one day, the fine folks here at The Perfect Jean had an idea: What if we could make a pair of jeans that only look like khakis, but are still totally comfortable, super soft and stretchy, just like all the rest of our Perfect jean line up? That would really show those corporate stiffs, wouldn't it?

And thus, a new star was born – denim's close relative, the Denkhaki: our stick-it-to-the-man khaki solution that's totally made from our super stretchy denim fabric. In essence, the undercover brother of workwear. (See what we did there?)

The Cubicle Classic

Picture this: you saunter into the office in your khaki work pants, feeling like a corporate champion. Surprisingly, your balls feel comfy and cradled, freed from the company vice that is your average khakis. You've stealthily satisfied the beige enthusiasts and their lust for conformity in a pair of our Perfect Light Denkhakis. In a world of bland, you blend in like you're vanilla, but underneath it all, you're that surprising bit o' flavor that's more like… almond. A departure from the expected while feeling cool, calm, and collected, just chilling over here with your bad self.

That's the kind of workplace khakis we can get behind. But what exactly are these mythical khakis made of?

The Fabric

The lovechild of your favorite Perfect pair and that Snuggle bear from those Downy commercials, our Denkhaki fabric blend is our secret to success. Kind of like what happened with that Snuggle bear, we waved our fashion wand and brought to life an unstoppable menace denim blend that mimics your not-so-favorite pair of work slacks. Just minus the stick up your ass and starchy creases.

With a blend of 78% Cotton, 20% Polyester, and 2% Spandex, our Denkhaki fabric is soft to the touch, comfortable enough for all day wear, and yet tough as nails, built to withstand all your adventures. You know the ones – like all those times spent on the golf course with the in-laws or pounding away at the keyboard in your cubicle. Or maybe, just maybe, you're out on a date, or out on the town – hell, maybe even hiking up a mountain. Our Denkhakis supply some super stretchy goodness, just like our Perfect jeans do.

So, say farewell to corporate's crushed nuts policy and let the boys feel free in a pair of our office-friendly, dress-code-approved Denkhakis. Available in Slim and Slim Thick, and five colors – Denkhaki Light (Light Khaki), Denkhaki Dark (Dark Khaki), and audacious Smoke (Light Grey) – perfect for those times when you feel like pushing boundaries, challenging authority and giving your boss the stink eye.

Now that we've reached the bottom of the barrel in this battle of the bottoms, we want to make one thing clear: we're still all about that Perfect Jean goodness. Our Denkhakis are for the everyman, designed to send out a message and give the middle finger to all those boring, corporate shills.

Because f#@k your corporate khakis – now there's the Perfect Denkhaki.

(Coming soon in Soldier and Tobacco!)