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Jean Boy - Our Blog

Our Sustainable Jeans

Our Sustainable Jeans

Are your jeans trash? Straight up rubbish? If you’re wearing a pair of our Sky or Submarine sustainable jeans, you down right filthy.

That’s because we’re all about that garbage these days – plastic bottles to be specific – and making sustainable denim through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Our stretchy pants magicians figured out how to weave BCI cotton into our denim fabric that’s legit made from recycled plastic bottles. The ones you chuck in the bin? We took ‘em and made the stretchy denim of dreams.

Who does that? We do. We do that.

The BCI Initiative

So, what’s all this “BCI” business about? Well f#@k around and find out, Captain Planet: BCI cotton is the crème-de-la-crème of the cotton crop, held to super high standards in production. Cotton farmers that are part of the Better Cotton Initiative are held to some of the strictest requirements in the industry:

  • Care about soil health, biodiversity & water conservation (duh)
  • Don’t use highly hazardous pesticides (gross)
  • Commit to responsible working conditions (money)
  • Operate effective management systems (looking at you, boss)

Let’s face it: producing denim can have a significant impact on the planet – all clothing can, in fact. Even eco-friendly jeans take resources to make, and farmers, and crops, and water, and a bunch of other important stuff essential to our existence – which we’d like to continue, thank you very much. That’s why we’ve expanded to using organic cotton in our Hoodies and Tees – which makes them amazingly soft, sustainable, and all around better for you and Mother Earth.

What can we say? We’re a bunch of Mother lovers over here.

So now that you’ve got the low down on our ethical jeans goodness, fill that head of yours with even. more. knowledge. and find out more about the history of how jeans came to be!