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Most Comfortable Jeans

Most Comfortable Jeans

Under the cover of night, our conglomerate of mostly (im)perfect men came together with the secret ambition of cooking up a recipe to produce the most comfortable jeans for men ever produced. In our pursuit of perfection, we left no stone(wash) unturned – we racked our brains and scoured the globe for ideas on fit, fabric, and style. In the end, we came up with what is now known as The Perfect Jean – seriously comfy jeans with a heroic amount of stretch that are softer than a baby’s bottom. (Smell better, too.)

These aren’t your “wear ‘em only on the weekends” jeans, or that super expensive designer pair that never sees the light of day. They’re not the “too nice to get down and dirty” jeans, or even “the in-laws are in town and want to meet you after golf” kind of jeans. And they’re definitely not khakis, because f#@k khakis.

These are your everyday jeans – your “toss around a pigskin and have the moves to catch it” kind of jeans. A pair of “goof around with friends” jeans; “take your dog to the park” jeans. Denim you could wear to work for a week straight – roomy, stretchy jeans that give you room to breathe, freeing your nuts from the vice your boss likely put them in. In other words, these are f#&king comfortable jeans, the most comfortable jeans on the planet (according to us). Ones that almost make us forget we’re even wearing pants. Free ballin’ for the win!

Like Beethoven’s 5th, these unbelievably comfortable jeans are a masterpiece with all the right ingredients:

  • Made with premium & BCI cotton (better for you, and the planet)
  • Super 4-way stretch denim (say no to crushed nuts)
  • YKK zippers (unzip only with consent)
  • Over two dozen washes, colors & fits (cuz fashun)

Since we like you just the way you are, we made ‘em in waist sizes ranging from 26-50, and in five six different styles – Slim Fit, Slim Thick, Thick Thicc, Skinny Fit, Athletic Fit, and Bootcut. So no matter if you’re built like Peter Pan or Paul Bunyan, we’ve got those stovepipe sticks and dummy thicc thighs covered in buttery soft denim goodness.

We also offer free returns and exchanges in case that new workout program isn’t working out – or works a little too well. It’s all automated, so you don’t even have to talk to a person, which would be awkward, apparently. Happy, you filthy millennials?

Speaking of filthy, are you down with our garbage take on our positively trashy jeans?